ICE Agents: How To Behave If They Come To Your House

Being worried that you or one of your relatives could be caught up in an immigration raid, even if you are legally in the country, can be stressful. Some of that stress can be alleviated by knowing how best to respond in case an ICE agent comes into contact with you. Take a deep, slow breath and use these tips if you encounter an agent.

Ask for Warrants

It can be very frightening to be sitting around your home and hear firm knocking unexpectedly. However, be aware that any ICE agent hoping to collect someone must possess a warrant and present it. While they might have their own suspicions, action can't be taken unless there's a valid warrant. Ask to see that document before allowing anyone into the house; if there isn't one, you are not legally bound to allow them to enter.

Don't Say Much

One mistake people make with ICE agents is telling half-truths or lying; this can be legally dangerous. Every statement made in the presence of an ICE agent is evidence, so be very careful about what information you give and be completely honest. If you have legal documents present, you may present them.

Be Respectful

While you have rights in this situation, it's vital that you and everyone present are respectful. This is especially critical if small children are nearby or someone in the area has a serious health problem, as you don't want to make a tense situation even worse. Keeping your voice down and moving aside, even if an agent presses past you to examine the home, is a wise course of action. Calmly relay information about children, ill people, and the elderly so agents are aware.

Have the Number of a Bilingual Attorney

The best person to contact if you have difficulties with an ICE agent is an attorney. Be sure that you and your family members always have the name of a lawyer who offers bilingual legal services handy. In fact, it's smart to consult a few attorneys before you ever meet an ICE agent so you can get legal document help (servicios de documentacion legales) that can prove your status or address any possible issues before you or a relative runs into trouble.

An interaction with ICE agents doesn't have to be terrifying when you have the information here. Talk with bilingual law offices that can offer you the assistance and legal document services your family needs. Law firms like Nemazie Law can give you more information.