3 Common Work Visas An Immigration Lawyer Will Help You Get

You may want to work in the US for various reasons. Maybe you're looking for a bigger salary, better life, more opportunities, or you're just sick and tired of your current job. Whatever the reason is, you'll need a work visa before packing your bags and heading out. There are many work visas that foreign nationals can apply for depending on whether you'll be having a temporary or permanent job. Unfortunately, getting these visas isn't easy. You'll need to complete a lot of paperwork and prove that you're qualified to do the job. If you don't want this process to overwhelm you, hire an immigration attorney to assist you. These lawyers have all the skills and experience required to handle all types of visas. This article outlines three common work visas they can help you obtain.


The H1-B visa allows immigrants with special skills or knowledge to temporarily work in the US. It requires you to be employed by a US employer for a few years. While applying for this permit, your prospective employer will have to file an application with the Labor Department. This application will include detailed information of your qualifications and experience. An immigration attorney can help you prepare the necessary documentation and file the application with the government. 


This visa allows individuals to travel to the US for business reasons for a short period. You'll need to fill out an application and prove that you have enough funds and valid documents. This permit requires interviews with US government agencies.

Because applying for this visa can be time-consuming, it's best to hire an attorney to assist you. They'll tell you the paperwork you need to submit and prepare you for the interview.


The EB-5 is designed for immigrants who want to invest in certain commercial enterprises in the US that create full-time jobs. To qualify for this visa, you need to have adequate investment funds in your account. You'll also be required to fill out an application with evidence of your financial worth, business plan, and proof that you can create jobs.

Immigration attorneys can help you obtain an EB-5 permit. They'll prepare the forms for you and ensure your application has all the necessary components. They will also submit your documents to USCIS before the deadline.

If you are interested in working in the US, you'll need to apply for the right visa. The best way to do this is through an immigration lawyer who will guide you through the process, tell you if you're eligible, and answer all your questions.

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