Critical Services To Anticipate From A Skilled Immigration Attorney

The laws regarding immigrating to and remaining in the country are subject to rapid change. The laws that were in place when you first came to the country may no longer exist. You might be subject to new laws that you do not entirely understand. To avoid being deported, you can hire an experienced immigration attorney to represent you. You can find a lawyer ready to represent you at an experienced immigration law firm.

In The US Illegally? What To Do If ICE Agents Show Up At Your Home

If you're in the United States illegally, there's a real chance that you'll get caught up in an immigration sting. If that happens, you need to be prepared to act fast.With ICE agents now making home visits to apprehend those who are here illegally, it's important that you understand what you should do if they show up on your doorstep. Here are four steps you need to take if ICE agents come to apprehend you at your home.

ICE Agents: How To Behave If They Come To Your House

Being worried that you or one of your relatives could be caught up in an immigration raid, even if you are legally in the country, can be stressful. Some of that stress can be alleviated by knowing how best to respond in case an ICE agent comes into contact with you. Take a deep, slow breath and use these tips if you encounter an agent. Ask for Warrants It can be very frightening to be sitting around your home and hear firm knocking unexpectedly.

Why Permanent Residents Are Sometimes Deported

For most immigrants, one of their biggest fears is being deported from the United States. Many immigrants believe that they are safe from this fear once they become permanent residents. Unfortunately, however, deportation is sometimes still possible for permanent residents in certain situations, and it's important to be aware of what these situations are. Your Admission to the United States Was Not Legitimate If it is found, after the fact, that your admission to the United States was not legitimate, often because it was based on falsified or incorrect information, you could face deportation.

Petitioning For Your Family To Stay In The U.S.: Three Ways In Which Immigration Attorneys Can Help

When people immigrate to the U.S., they may have arrived legally, or they may have arrived illegally. Regardless of which way they landed on U.S. soil, they can stay if they follow some very specific procedures. If you were born here but your parents were not, your family can petition to stay and petition against deportation. Here is how an immigration attorney can help. The Law Governing "Anchor Children" If you were born here in the United States to one or both parents who were not legal citizens, you can petition the courts to allow your parents and siblings to stay.